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Power Systems Design

We have the in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive power systems design for any project. We work with our clients to understand their needs, provide options and make recommendations that provide capacity, flexibility, growth potential and reliability. You name it, normal power, life safety emergency power, generator back-up, distributed and centralized UPS, medium voltage distribution, Designcore can do it.

Lighting Design

Lighting systems are a vital element in any project. Our combined knowledge of the science of lighting with our attention to artistic detail creates sustainable and eye-catching lighting solutions for our client, all within budget. We provide architectural lighting design, LEED lighting solutions, functional space lighting and computer modelling and renderings with the assistance of the latest lighting level and rendering software, AGI32. Our presentation-quality renderings not only look good on the screen or on paper, they realize a functioning solution following installation.

Fire Alarm Design & Verification

The key to a quick and targeted emergency response and the minimization of damage and loss of life is provided through proper fire alarm design and verification. Systems can range from simple single loop systems to complex systems involving smoke control, pre-action release, fan shut downs and more. We have the knowledge of pertinent codes and standards to provide a design that provides protection and stability for our client.

Communication Systems Design

Designcore can design and coordinate horizontal and backbone riser telecommunications cabling. We follow and adhere to the latest industry standards for both structured cabling and fibre optic cabling.

Security and Access Control Design

Access Control can range from basic card access systems to layered designs featuring smart cards and biometric authentication methods. Integrated systems offer protection for clients with operations across multiple floors, in multiple facilities and campus wide. CCTV surveillance systems utilizing power-over-ethernet cameras in a network architecture environment provide clients flexible budget-conscious installations which yield increased security and awareness.


Electrical systems require engineered grounding solutions to provide safety and service continuity. When complex systems require advanced techniques such as neutral-resistance grounding and ground fault detection, Designcore has the technical knowledge and experience to offer a complete solution.


Designcore stands tall with 100% of its production staff trained and fully REVIT-capable. Currently we are producing over 80% of all our projects using Autodesk REVIT, a huge coordination advantage on any project. Clients looking for a capable and experienced electrical engineering firm fluent in REVIT have found the right place.

Contract Administration

Our skilled CA personnel combine their technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise with a strong sense of responsibility in achieving value for our clients. Based on years of in-depth experience as Journeyman or Master Electricians, our professional staff provide practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field, considering schedule, cost and operational implications.

Site Investigation

Clients looking for pre-purchase inspections of buildings can rely on the expertise and awareness of our site investigation personnel. Our staff are familiar with site safety regulations across many industries and conduct all activities while adhering to construction site safety regulations at all times.

Public Utility Coordination

Our design team will coordinate the procurement, contracts and installation of our client’s utility power, telephone, fibre and television service and connections, ensuring an optimal design that meets all of the utility standards requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Power Quality & Energy Audits

Power quality audits provide our clients with insight into issues and causes of disturbances within the power system and our knowledgeable staff can review and provide recommendations to restore optimal power quality.

Arc Flash, Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

Power systems studies are conducted using on-site data gathering, advanced software for simulation and detailed analysis. Coordination Studies are conducted to ensure system selectivity and to alleviate nuisance tripping of breakers. Our detailed knowledge of the CSA Z462 standard gives us the upper hand in evaluating and documenting short circuit and incident energy arc flash levels in electrical systems. We can gather the data, perform the analysis, make recommendations, produce the necessary warning stickers and provide on-site Arc Flash education training to client's operations staff.

Failure Investigations

Designcore can offer professional analysis of accident investigations, electrical failures and assist clients to identify and prevent future hazards.


Electrical commissioning offers clients baseline operation for future comparison and ensures systems are designed, installed and functioning as intended. We can provide factory witness testing, documentation review, shipped equipment reviews, script writing and active participation of segment and system functional tests.

Building Audits

Our expertise with electrical systems and our experience with all types of commercial, residential, light industrial and institutional buildings allows Designcore to complete a thorough review and provide our clients with a detailed objective analysis.

Design Build

We have excellent working relationships with many of the electrical contractor firms which offer design-build services.

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